Easy to Scan. Easy to Place

AR.Scanit is a new easy way of creating 3D models with an iPhone camera, sharing them with your friends and placing in AR.

The project is devoted to reduce the time of creating 3D models, to develop and spread 3D and VR/AR around the globe giving people the ability to use these technologies without any extra equipment except an iPhone.

With further development we believe there will be the need for a multifunctional platform with marketplace connecting individual users and businesses to simplify their interaction.

As the quality of our models is extremely precise, we observe AR.Scanit as a touchpoint of 3D modeling and 3D printing technologies.
Our team
"Collaboration drives innovations"

The AR.Scanit team consists of enthusiasts who believe that AR/VR will play an important role in the near future affecting many aspects of our economic and social environment.

These technologies will shape our behavior and routine making it easier, more comfortable and more effective.

Our team is well equipped with people experienced in fields of AR, 3D, UX and App development .
The idea was born in August 2018.

In October 2018 we build a team of like-minded innovators and started development.

The project has evolved gradually and has a few milestones.

The first release will appear in January 2019 and will be dedicated to AR features.

3D scanning will be added in 1Q 2019.

We believe that team work and business cooperation are important parts of development.
We appreciate your interest in AR.Scanit and would be glad to receive your feedback on the product or discuss business inquiries.